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Meet the real Suzy Goodman Komen

Susan G. Komen: the name has become an icon. For hope. For action. For those at the front lines of the battle against breast cancer. But who was the woman behind the icon?

In the pages of Promise Me, you'll finally meet the real Suzy. Great care was taken to create scenes and dialogue using Suzy's own notes and letters to her family. The words are her words. The voice you hear is the real Suzy. Once you've come to know her, you'll remember her for how she lived, instead of how she died. And you'll never look at a pink ribbon in quite the same way.

From Promise Me:
"Suzy wasn’t serious or “bookish” like me, but all her teachers loved her, and I always thought of her as the smart one. In addition to her savant silliness, she was gifted with emotional intelligence, empathy, our mother’s generous heart, an unfairly fabulous sense of style, and a humming, youthful happiness that made her naturally magnetic. She had a shy side, but people loved her to her dying day because she was just so much fun to be around...

...When Suzy was grounded, I was the hostage negotiator. When Suzy exceeded her curfew, I was the peace envoy. When Suzy died, my life’s work was born."

Look for the first pink ribbon hidden in the full-color Promise Me photo section, and click here for bonus photos from the Goodman family album.