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Suzy and Me

Bonus Photos From the Goodman Family Album

"My waking memories of my sister have grown hazy over the years, but Suzy still passes through my dreams as animate and vivid as a migrating butterfly. Her face is fresh and full of energy, her hair windblown but still beautiful. In a freshly ironed skirt and patent leather ballerina flats, she defies gravity..."  From Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer

Preparing to put on a show in our backyard in Peoria.

In the hula getups Aunt Rose brought us from Hawaii.

Dames at sea catching a few rays on Daddy's fishing boat.

My stylish sis did her best to bring me along in high school. We stayed best friends through college, careers, motherhood, and beyond.

Suzy's gorgeous granddaughters. (Remind you of anyone?)

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