Promise Me Channel


Susan Carter Johns came for the story and stayed for the phenomenon

The very first SGK event, a rained out polo tournament in 1982, was covered by a pretty young reporter from the local paper.

“My only personal experience with breast cancer was with my mother’s best friend," she told me. "She lived a block away, and no one knew she had breast cancer until she died. You just didn’t speak of it. This is amazing.” She nodded toward the parade of cars streaming into the mud slurry in the parking lot. “You do know this is amazing, right?”

“Yes. I’m definitely amazed," I said. "I’m just so grateful they came.”

And they kept coming. The young reporter, Susan Carter--now Susan Carter Johns--came with us over the years, contributing priceless PR when we couldn't afford any and eventually becoming a trusted confidant and irreplaceable SGK staff member. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her friendship and her endless creative energy, and her story is a whole other book in itself. She's a fabulous dame, and we've shared many adventures.

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